KINNECT, Inc. is an independent research and asset recovery corporation.   Due to our extensive knowledge of lost property laws, we are able to handle all of our clients claims quickly and efficiently.  In over 85% of the unclaimed funds we research, the owners would not have known of the funds and/or would not be able to recover the money without the help of an attorney or using the services of KINNECT, Inc. Our experienced team of investigators, financial auditors and genealogists ensures the recovery of your assets  will be successful and confidential. 


Please refer to the “Description of Accounts” section in the letter you received. This section lists the items that identify specific information to the unclaimed account in question, which includes: 

• Owner’s name as reported 
• Owner’s address as reported 
• Reported by 
• Type of account 

If any of the information stated in this section is familiar to you please contact your investigator immediately. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and return to you what is rightfully yours. 

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