UT Agency PI LIC. #P103005  **  FL Agency PI  LIC. #A1600249

Who is KINNECT, Inc.?

KINNECT, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured investigative corporation who specializes in researching to locate rightful owners of unclaimed assets (funds) and reuniting them with those individuals and or organizations.

How did you find me?

As a licensed Private Investigation Agency, we have access to many archives involving present and past contact information for companies and individuals. Those records along with our genealogical resources enable us to find individuals at newer and current addresses. 

Why was I contacted by KINNECT, Inc.?

You may be a named owner of unclaimed accounts or you may be an heir or beneficiary to these funds. A recent audit performed by KINNECT, Inc. has prompted us to locate and contact you regarding assets that are still unclaimed.  

Why didn't the original holder of the asset contact me?

The original holder most likely made attempts to contact the registered owner of the asset at the address of record. If those attempts were never received due to a change of address, or if the attempts were never responded to then the original holder was obligated to report those accounts as “abandoned and unclaimed”.

How is KINNECT, Inc. compensated for their services?

KINNECT, Inc. works on a contingency fee basis. We receive our compensation after a clients claim is successfully completed and paid.

Are there any up front costs?

The only cost to you is a notary fee. KINNECT, Inc. is happy to reimburse you for this expense.

What type of documentation will be required to submit a claim?

Each claim is unique and requires different documents depending on the circumstances involved. KINNECT, Inc. will prepare the necessary documents for recovery of your unclaimed assets. The prepared documents must be notarized and personal Information may be requested in order to verify payment is being made directly to the rightful owner.

What happens if other heir’s do not respond?

You will be paid your percentage of the claim regardless of other owner’s and or heir’s responses.

How long does the claim process take?

An average claim is paid between 90 – 180 business days.

Unclaimed Property Specialists

UT Agency PI LIC. #P103005  **  FL Agency PI  LIC. #A1600249

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